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Páistí Beaga Creche & Montessori

Children 6months - 1year

Full Day Care                                         €205 per week

(8am-5pm, 5+hrs)

Full Day Care                                         €205 per week

(9am-5:30pm, 5+hrs)


Full Day Care - Extended Hours      €215 per week


Part-Time Care                                     €135 per week

(3.31 to 5 hours) 


 Children over 1 year   

Full Day Care                                         €175 per week

(8am-5pm, 5+ hrs) 

Full Day Care                                         €175 per week

(9am-5:30pm, 5+ hrs)


Full Day Care - Extended Hours      €185 per week


Part-Time Care                                     €125 per week

(3.31 to 5 hours) 

Sessional/Afterschool Care              €100 per week 

(2.16 to 3.30 hours) 


Half-Sessional Care                            €50.00 per week

(1 to 2.15hours)


Subsidies received from the National Childcare Scheme and CCSP/CCSP(U) Programme and entitlements from the ECCE Programme will be offset in full against Páistí Beaga Créche & Montessori's weekly fees. Parents/guardians will receive a written fees letter.

Montessori & Pre-School (from 9.00am to 12.00 noon 5 days per week)

“Three Hours”; can include the “Early Childhood Care & Education” (ECCE) Programme, which is free.


Childcare is arranged and agreed by parents and Páistí Beaga and is subject to availability based on space and staffing.


Childcare fees are fixed upon agreement between parents and Páistí Beaga and any changes must be agreed by both parties. The full Fees Policy is posted on the notice board and is available at any time upon request.

A booking deposit of €250 will apply upon registration to secure the place (the deposit amount may vary from this in the event a child is already registered on the National Childcare Scheme - parents/guardians must supply the CHICK number in this event and the deposit amount will be adjusted accordingly). This deposit is refunded when the child's ECCE/CCSP(U) registration has been approved on the Hive/PIP system, for children registered with ECCE or CCSP(U) Programmes; in other cases, the deposit will be refunded when the parent/guardian decides their child will leave the service or it can be applied to pay the last month’s fees;  It is not refundable in the event the childcare place is not taken or used. Bank details must be furnished in order to refund the booking deposit.


There are no discounts. 

Optional Fees

Eligibility: Montessori Class - Annual Bus Trip; cost €35.00

Fee Policy

  • Páistí Beaga applies a 52 week annual fees policy (September to August @ Year).

  • There are no retainer fees for preschool children.

  • Preschool children are children aged 6months and up until they transition to Primary School. 

  • Fees policy is applied to all children.

  • Fees apply from the mutually agreed start date of childcare.

  • Transition period: fees apply in full during transition period irrespective of actual hours attendance during transition.

  • Fees must be paid even if the child is absent due to illness.

  • Fees must be paid for Holidays and Bank Holidays.

  • There is no refund for closure of the service due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • The service will close if it is deemed by Management to be unsafe to open, i.e. extreme staff shortages or severe weather conditions. Full fees will be payable.

  • Páistí Beaga does not offer hourly rates. Fees are based on weekly rates. 

Change in Care

All places and care arrangements are subject to availability. Any changes must be mutually agreed by the parent/guardian and Manager. Requests for changes of care should be made in writing. The email address is Should a change of care request be approved the following notice periods will apply:

  • Where the request is to reduce childcare; a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice.

  • Where the request is to increase childcare, the increase in care will take place from the date of availability.

Patterns of ‘non-attendance’ and ‘under-attendance’ may be queried. National Childcare Scheme and CCSP/CCSP(U) subsidies may be affected by non-attendance or persistent ‘under-attendance’ (see National Childcare Scheme, ECCE Scheme and CCSP/CCSP(U) Programme information below).

Please speak to the Manager if for any reason your attendance pattern is not as first registered or there is a change in your circumstances requiring a change to agreed childcare arrangements.

Leaving the Service/Transfers
Should you leave this service, you must give 4 week’s written/emailed notice to the Manager. Failure to give 4 weeks’ notice may result in retention of the booking deposit or retention of any childcare subsidies for 4 weeks in lieu of notice. The email address is:

Facilities Openings
Páistí Beaga Crèche & Montessori is open throughout the year with the exception of all Bank Holidays. Each year, Páistí Beaga Crèche & Montessori may close for up to an additional few days over the Christmas holiday period. The actual days over the Christmas period that our centre will close will be notified to parents in advance. Our fee structure incorporates these as closed facility days and therefore no changes/discounts will be applicable to fees due to these closures. 

National Childcare Scheme, ECCE Scheme and CCSP/CCSP(U) Programme
The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) and CCSP/CCSP(U) subsidies and the ECCE Programme deductions will be offset in full against the weekly childcare fees. If the NCS/CCSP/CCSP(U) subsidies to which the child is entitled increases or decreases, the fee charged to the parent will be revised to reflect the change in subsidy. 

Information about the NCS is at the ‘Hive’ website at


  • NCS Subsidies are ONLY applied only after the parent/guardian has approved the child’s registration with Páistí Beaga Crèche & Montessori on the NCS ‘Hive’ website.

  • NCS Subsidies are not backdated. 

  • NCS Subsidies are based on the child’s regular hours of attendance and children must be registered for hours based on actual attendance. 

  • In the event of persistent under attendance lasting 8 weeks, Páistí Beaga Crèche & Montessori is obliged by NCS rules to report the under attendance and contact parents/guardians to establish the cause and if there is a need to adjust the registered hours.

  • If the under attendance continues a further 4 weeks, the NCS will adjust the registered hours of the child to the average of the previous 12 weeks’ attendance. Páistí Beaga Crèche & Montessori will be restricted in the ability to change the adjusted hours for 8 weeks. 

  • Any change in the NCS registered hours will result in a change of fees as the registered hours are offset against the standard weekly fees charged by Páistí Beaga Crèche & Montessori. Parents/guardians will be issued a revised parental fee letter in this case.

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